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Music You Can Believe In.
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In My Cell. The Sophomore Single. Click Artwork To Listen.

Johann TM Profile Picture

He knows that this is the bit of the bio where he should show off how much the music industry loves him, but no platform has shown much interest in him, probably because he's only released one song. “I do worry a bit what people reading this bio will think”, he meekly declares, “as I have no industry credibility to speak of.” He goes on to naively, and quite falsely, exclaim: “All I have is my obsessive work ethic and an absolutely titanic level of self-belief. That should set me apart from all other artists!”

Although he knowingly uses the jokey sarcasm illustrated here as a marketing technique, Johann TM is intensely serious about the music he makes. He has been fighting through 10 years of Muscle Tension Dysphonia and mental health problems such as OCD, and is not planning on ever giving up. “Despite all the self-doubt and fears of failure, I know that I have something special to offer the world, and I’ve written close to 100 songs to prove it. I want to be massively successful, and I have no shame in saying that. But what is genuinely most important is making music that emotionally moves me.”

With love and scepticism,

Johann TM

Johann TM (Johann Theo Meux) is an Alternative Pop artist with melodic songs that are as tender as they are attitude-filled, taking influence from every great artist you’ve ever loved. He writes songs that make him feel a lot, and he hopes this can be the case for others as well (especially if they’re powerful music industry people).









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